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Watermelon Feta Salads might be one of the most refreshing summer salads out there.

Our take on this classic salad uses Dizzy Pig Shakin' the Tree seasoning, as well as our Lemon Cucumber White Balsamic.  We simply love how this salad is fresh, juicy, sweet and just a little bit salty.  The Shakin' the Tree seasoning is a low- heat Lemon Pepper seasoning, which gives this salad just a bit more depth than regular salt and pepper can!

Watermelon Feta Salad
15 minutes total (15 minutes prep)

In a bowl, add cubed watermelon, feta cheese and fresh basil.  

In a mason jar or salad dressing shaker, combine Lemon Cucumber white balsamic, extra virgin olive oil and Dizzy Pig Shakin' the Tree.  Shake until well combined.

Pour the dressing over the watermelon combo and stir gently to ensure all ingredients are well coated with the dressing and the feta/basil are incorporated evenly throughout the salad.

Refrigerate until ready to use - the salt from the seasoning will draw water out of the watermelon creating this sweet & salty sauce within the salad the longer it sits.  We like to make ours at least a few hours ahead of time because that sauce is drinkable!


You could also try this using our Prickly Pear Dark Balsamic instead of the Lemon Cucumber but then I would add a splash of lemon juice to the dressing mix as I think that brightness is a key element here.


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